To dream about a fence suggests that you are facing a roadblock. You could be feeling as though others are holding you back and keeping you from expressing your emotions. You may be feeling 'fenced in.' This dream could also indicate that you desire more solitude. You may simply need to disconnect for a while.

To dream that you are climbing to the top of a fence suggests success. If you make it over the fence, then this suggests that you will achieve success and fulfill your dreams by means that may not be necessarily positive.

To dream that you are building a fence indicates future prosperity through your frugal, intelligent, and creative abilities.

To dream that you have fallen from a fence indicates that you cannot handle a certain situation in because it is beyond your abilities.

To dream about animals jumping over a fence into an enclosure indicates that you may be given some help from someone you would not expect. If you dream of the animals jumping out, then this indicates you may be on the losing end of a trade or deal.