To dream that you are shaving represents your need to make a small alteration in some aspect of your life. A part of your normal everyday ritual is changing. It may also indicate that you possess a very stanch position and may be too hard on yourself.

To dream that someone is shaving your leg symbolizes an unwanted feeling of reliance on someone or something. Your individuality is being compromised and you are depending on others to help you out of a situation. What you need to do is lift yourself up and be more positive, secure, and confident.

To see someone shaving in your dream suggests that the person you are showing to others is merely a facade and doesn't represent your true personality.

To dream that you are shaving your head signifies your need to be more open and honest with others. If you leave some hair on your head, then this means that you aren't yet comfortable with revealing all aspects of your personality. You are concerned about the opinions of others. The remaining hair represents a remaining wall of defense.