Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Climbing; Rising) To see oneself ascending in the skies in a dream means falling in rank, or it could mean oppressing oneself.

Ifone sees himself ascending in the skies until he reaches the stars, merges with them and ifhe becomes a star in the dream, it means that he will receive titles and powers.

If one sees himself ascending a mountain it means depression, stress and travels. However, rising in a dream means elevation of status, and descending means a backslide.

If one sees himself walking up a steep road in a dream, it means rising in status, but involving toiling and hardships.

Ifone sees himself climbing a mountain, then the mountain in a dream is interpreted as one’s goal.

Thus, one’s dream may mean attaining one’s goal as far as he reaches in his climb.

In dream interpretation, any ascent of a mountain, a trail, a hill, an elevation or even climbing a roof means attaining one’s goal or satisfying one’s needs.

To see oneself climbing flat on his back in a dream then means uncalled for, or unnecessary hardship.

(Also see Air; Ascent; Climbing a mountain; Flying)