Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Forearm; Limb; Member; Wing) One’s two arms in a dream represent his two brothers. his two close friends, two sons or partners.

Ifone sees a person with short arms in a dream, it means that he is courageous, generous and wondrous. One’s arm in a dream represent his brother and supporter or a spiritual example he follows.

Ifone’s arm is broken in a dream, it means the death of one’s brother or closestfriend, or it could mean an accident or a calamity. One’s arm in a dream also signifies protection from sin or it cold represent his wife, his mother, his teacher, wealth, craft, source of income, a supporting son or a close brother one can depend on at times of difficulties.

If one sees that his arm is missing something in a dream, it could mean that he has little brain, though he is filled with pride and haughtiness.

(Also see Air; Body’; Forearm)