Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Musk; Spermaceti) To perfume or anoint oneself with amber in a dream means increase in one’s earnings through a rich acquaintance or earning money through a notable person or through a man of knowledge.

Seeing a person mixing amber in a dream denotes a praiseworthy person, an architect or a builder.

Anointing oneself with amber in a dream signifies hearing praises.

Amber in a dream also denotes valuable properties, farms, fruit gardens, or a fellowship of knowledge and wisdom.

The fragrance of amber in a dream means a storm, wind, a breeze, or it could represent benefits coming from the direction one recognizes in the dream.

If one sees himself burning amber in a dream, it means that he is indulging in religious innovations, corruption, losing face, placing something in the wrong place, dealing with tainted money, bribing a government official, lobbying for a selfish cause and supporting a political campaign.

(Also see Incense; Galia moschata; Perfumery)