Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Cow; Ox; Steer) A bull in a dream represents the chief of the council or the mayor of the town or village.

Seeing a bull in a dream also means winning the mayoral seat for a term or losing it after one year.

If one sees himself owning a herd of steers in a dream, it means receiving a governmental office and a vast authority should he qualify for it. His employees’ support depends on how manageable is his herd.

Ifa man sees himselfriding a steer in a dream, it means dealing with a government employee.

It also means that he will acquire what he intends.

Seeing a bull in a dream also means fame.

Ifone sees himselfeating the head of a steer or a bull in a dream, it also means winning a leadership seat in the government, except if the bull is red.

Ifone is a merchant, then it means profit and prosperity for that year.

If a steer is transformed into a wolf in a dream, it means that a government’s employee will turn corrupt.

A white bull in a dream means glad tidings and profits.

If a steer or a cow butts against someone in the dream, it means that God is displeased with him. Eating bull’s meat in a dream means financial comfort.

If a bull bites someone in a dream, it means suffering from an illness or begetting children who will grow to be honorable and righteous people.

Ifone sees an ox mooing at him in the dream, it means undertaking a distant or a longjourney.

Ifa farmer sees an ox plowing his fields in a dream, it means a good harvest for that year.