Red: Good news. Passion.


A warning to control your temper.

Astrological parallel: Aries Blue: Enlightenment.

Insight. Relief from worry.

Assistance from outside sources.

Astrological parallel: Libra Green: Peace.


The Earth. Money.

A journey. Good news.

Astrological parallel: Taurus Yellow: Intellect.

A problem or puzzle to be solved. Possible setbacks. Gemini.

Also: Gold: Leo.

Pink: Love. Compassion.

The attainment of a dream.

Purple: Spirituality; status in one’s own circle.

Increased social life, or the desire for same.

Orange: Message from a great Master. Metaphysical or spiritual knowledge.

Brown: Illness. Materialism.

Black: Unhappiness.

A rough road ahead.

Something that the dreamer needs to know.

In extreme cases, a death – BUT THE DREAMER’S DEATH IS NEVER SHOWN.

Astrological parallel: Scorpio White: Purity.

Success well earned. 1Gray: Gray is a rather depressing color; some mystics believe it to be the color of the aura of a prison.

Some sources believe it to indicate a slow period in the dreamer’s life, when he or she is merely “marking time.” A swirl of color: Great joy, happiness, success. Dreams attained. Luck in love.

Astrological parallel: The Sun