Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Arc) In a dream, a coffin means a great wealth.

Ifone sees himself hiding inside a coffin in a dream, it means fearing ones enemy and that one is incapable of facing him, though this element in a dream also could mean salvation or escape from dangers that will follow.

If one sees himself riding on top of a coffin in a dream, it means that either his name is mentioned in a will, or that he will face a dispute regarding an inheritance that will turn to his advantage.

If one is given a coffin in a dream, it means that he is given knowledge, peacefulness and dignity.

Acoffin in a dream also represents stress and worries or a travelling vehicle.

A millers flour mixing container which traditionally used to look like a coffin in a dream represents ajust man or a man of knowledge and a true guide.

(Also see Sarcophagus)