Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

In a dream, a comb represents a good man who strives to help, serve, comfort and entertain others.

A comb in a dream also represents an auspicious time to be involved in a business partnership or accepting an employment in a large corporation, since the teeth of a comb are equal.

If the teeth of ones comb are capped with gold or silver caps, then they represent ones workers.

The golden caps represent trustworthy workers and the silver caps represent treacherous and disloyal workers. Combing ones hair in a dream signifies paying alms tax, or it could mean distributing charities.

A comb in a dream also can be interpreted to denote an honest and a just man, an hour of happiness, or a wise person, a judge, a physician, or a preacher one can benefit from his knowledge.

A comb in a dream also represents a hairdresser or ones mother. Combing the hair of an unknown woman in a dream represents a wind that will help pollinate the trees.

In a dream, a comb also represents a sifter or a sieve.

The teeth of a comb may represent ones own teeth or the teeth of a saw.

It is also said that combing hair in a dream means weaving a carpet. Combing ones hair or beard in a dream means dispelling adversities and distress.

In a dream, a comb also represents a good man who is just and equitable with all his friends, or it may mean longevity, wealth and victory against ones enemy.