Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Cuddle; Embrace; Hold) To embrace a living person in a dream means to associate with him and to love him.

To give a deceased persona short hug in a dream means longevity.

To give a deceased person a long and a continuous embrace in a dream means one’s own death.

To embrace a woman in a dream means embracing the pleasures and attractions of this world and to despair of any reward in the hereafter.

To hold tight to a piece offruit, or to endear certain food one loves in a dream means easy profits or lawful earnings.

Ifan unmarried person holds tight or embraces a garment in a dream, it means that he will get married.

Ifone hugs a pair of shoes in a dream, it means that he will hold a new position or a job that will make him extremely happy.

(Also see Embrace; Grabbing; Gripping; Sexual intercourse)