Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Elevation) In a dream, a hill represents a powerful and a dangerous person.

Any construction surrounding such a hill represents one’s wealth.

Ifone sees a flat land adjacent to a discarded high ground or a hill in a dream, such a hill represents a rich man whose wealth compares to the size of the surrounding property.

A valley of green pasture surrounding a hill in the dream represents his strength, justice in method of dealing with others, or it could mean religious devotion. Following that line of thoughts, it also means rising in rank at the hand of a powerful person. Crossing hills in a dream means escaping from danger.

Standing on top of a hill in a dream means presiding over a religious person. Descending a hill or an elevation in a dream represents losses, migraine headache, or humiliation.

Imprisonment on the top of a hill in a dream means a high rankingjob.

Ifthe elevation is made of trash in a dream, it means worldly and material status.

An elevation in a dream also represents one’s wife.