Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Any broad-mouthed earthenware container.) In a dream, an earthenwarejar represents a deceivingemployee who is entrusted with the accounting department of one’s business. Drinking fresh water from an earthenware jar in a dream means earning lawful money and comfort in one’s life. Drinking halfof the water contained in a jar in a dream means having consumed half one’s life span. Drinking from a tight mouthed earthenware container in a dream also means tempting a female worker.

Ifone’s wife is pregnant and he sees himselfcarrying an earthenware jar that falls and breaks, it means that his wife may die from complications during her delivery or after giving birth to the newborn.

In a dream, an earthenware jar also can be interpreted as a hard-working woman, or a servant, though a copper jar represents a noble woman.

Ajar of wine in a dream represents woman’s menstrual period.

If one drinks from a jar of wine, it means that he will have sexual intercourse with his wife during that period, which act is forbidden in Islam.

Ifthejar is filled with eating oil, honey, or milk, it represents a hidden treasure.

The same interpretation applies for a small clay jug, a mug, a cooking earthenware, or a tin pot.

(Also see Pot)